NTU Chinese FrameNet Subset Parser (CFN-SP)


This system is traind on FrameNet subset of 31 frames ('Arriving', 'Accompaniment', 'Visiting', 'Discussion', 'Meet_with', 'Presence', 'Ingestion', 'Ride_vehicle', 'Perception_active', 'Sleep', 'Competition', 'Attending', 'Giving', 'Text_creation', 'Transitive_action', 'Resolve_problem', 'Statement', 'Receiving', 'Taking_time', 'Social_event', 'Departing', 'Deciding', 'Arranging', 'Waiting', 'Perception_experience', 'Contacting', 'Borrowing', 'Commerce_buy', 'Questioning', 'Activity', 'Inspecting') that could fulfill daily events for lifelogging. The overall performance for frame semantic parsing of our system is F1 score 97.12 and 85.14 for training and testing respectively.


"楊基振十一點半與袁總理懇談許多公司目前的問題 " in our parser will instantiate frame Discussion and the following frame element realization:

楊基振Interlocutor_1 十一點半Time 袁總理Interlocutor_2 懇談Frame.Discussion 許多 公司Domain 目前 問題Topic


CFN-SP in traditional Chinese.